Pibexa.com Review - What Did We Find Out About Pibexa?


Pibexa.com Review 

Humans need to acquire the basic necessity of life through which every other need will fall into place, and that very primary need is wealth acquisition. With wealth comes the satisfaction of clothing, shelter and food. But the question is, how can one create wealth?. Many have sought for several ways to make money while some toil nights and days just to make ends meet. But still, have little or nothing to show for it.one way of gaining financial relevance in a seemingly competitive environment is by investing as a trader in the financial market. Craving for financial freedom and breakthrough is what drives investors' hearts and traders in the financial market. 

Many have been able to generate income by investing in a particular asset or a variety of financial instruments. There are many testimonials about traders and investors who have attained success from trading in the blockchain industry. Though investing in the financial market comes with excellent prospects, it is not devoid of several challenges. The online market place is a beehive of both legit and fraudulent activities in a central colony. 

Several trading platforms claim to offer traders an opportunity to trade on different assets in the financial markets. In reality, some of these brokers may be fraudsters seeking ways to defraud traders. There are those brokers who maintain a high sense of professionalism by providing services based on what they claim to offer. 

The Pibexa trading platform is one that we shall review to determine its proficiency when it comes to trading in the blockchain industry. Is the Pibexa trading platform a scam, or can traders trust it to trade in a volatile market like cryptocurrency and other platforms? What are the features of Pibexa and user-friendly the platform is mainly to new and prospective traders? But before we conclude the effectiveness of the Pibexa platform, let us get to find out what the Pibexa trading platform is all about. 

An Overview of the Pibexa Trading platform 

Pibexa.com is a broker that claims to offer top trading services to traders and investors in the financial market. The broker provides a trading platform that allows you to have access to the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain in general. The platform was established to offer traders a unique way of trading through its high-performance tools. The broker understands the competition in the industry, and that is why the broker claims to give traders nothing short of the best service for seamless trading experience. 

Pibexa trading platform also boasts of a friendly interface that allows traders to navigate around the platform with ease. When it comes to trading Forex, Pibexa has been known to stand out among others. Its specialty is the exchange of foreign currencies makes it unique, and a trading platform that seems to be highly dependable in the aspect of forex trading. But is that the truth? We shall verify these claims as we proceed in this review. 

The broker provides traders with an opportunity to choose from four different Pibexa account types depending on their level of experience or investment capital. It's has a dual language option that allows traders to use either German English language to explore the platform. 

The exchange company has a physical presence in the Marshall Islands, Majuro and Scotland, and It also offers traders both .mobile and web-based trading platforms. The broker provides training and educational resources for traders. We shall provide a comprehensive view of each feature of the Pibexa trading platform as a procedure in this review. 

Is Pibexa.com legit or a scam? 

The issue of whether Pibexa.com is a fraudulent or legit broker is one that may interest a prospective trader or investor. A look at the different features that come with trading on the platform showed that Pibexa might be legit and trusted by traders to use for investment and trading purposes in Forex. The company is a brainchild of Hello Technology and Tarvuda industries LP. T 

heir physical presence in Scotland and other locations makes it less likely for them to be fraudulent. We have also analyzed the different trading tools available to traders on the platform to verify that they are in line with what is promised.by the trading platform. Some traders have also given positive feedback in their assessment of the broker based on their satisfaction derived from using the broker. 

What makes Pibexa Unique? 

Pibexa.com is a unique trading platform and stands out from others because it is a mono-asset broker. While other brokers operate on trade it all basis, Pibexa ensures that it focuses on providing the best single serviced trading for Foreign Exchange traders and investors. Although some may argue that diversification in trading is necessary due to the high volatility of most assets, 

The broker offers expertise in the trading of Forex far more than several other brokers, which are laudable by industry experts. Apart from the fact that the exchange company specializes in Forex's trading, there are other reasons why Pibexa.com may be regarded as one of the leading brokers in the financial market. They include the following: 

Interactive Trading platforms 

Pibexa displays a high level of uniqueness by offering traders the opportunity to read using various trading platforms. The broker offers traders the web trader option. The web trader is not unique, but it is very compatible with several devices. The web trader option allows you to access the forex market directly from the Pibexs.com.website. It may be possible for you to use different devices provided you have a good internet connection. All you may be required to do is log into the Pibexa.com.website, register your account, make a deposit, and then be on your journey to becoming a forex trader. Apart from the web trader platform, you may also be able to trade using the mobile trading platform. 

With the mobile trading platform, traders may be able to make use of their mobile devices to carry out.forex trading activities on the platform. Pibexa.com.mobile trading platform is compatible with Andriod and iOS smartphones. Traders may be able to download the Pibexa app from their device's app store and enjoy an on-the-go trading activity. You can trade on Forex from the comfort of your home, office, on the train, or anywhere you choose to. 

Multiple language options 

Pibexa.com displays its uniqueness in yet another form by offering traders the chance to carry out trading activities in two different languages. For those who may prefer trading in their native German language, they may be on the right trading platform. You can switch between German and English language depending on which is your preferred language. Pibexa prides itself as an innovative trading platform that may be more concerned about putting their customer first, hence ensuring that they can access the platform using their preferred language. 

Excellent customer care support 

Without the customers patronizing a broker, there may not be a need for the broker to be in business. In that regard, Pibexa.com may provide traders with an outstanding customer support system. They may be able to help traders resolve queries, complaints, and provide solutions to technical issues. The broker also has an FAQ page on their platform where they provide answers to frequently asked questions by Pibexa.com customers. With the FAQ page, you may not have to contact the exchange company's customer service directly, you may find answers to questions on that page. 

The trading platform claims of having a team of competent and trained support staff who understands the concept of customer relations. They are also said to be technocrats who have an in-depth knowledge of how the forex market operates so they may be able to offer technical support to traders. Apart from expertise in Forex and customer relations, Pibexa reiterates its support for its customers by providing support staff who are also apt in software and IT to be able to offer solutions to customers regarding that field. 

Traders may contact the Pibexa support service through their email, which may be found on the Pibexa.com website. You may also choose to fill the contact form and drop your complaint while waiting for the support team to contact you. You may be sure to get round the clock customer support service from this broker. 


One can't rate a trading platform without taking cognizance of security. The security provided by a broker is what is first considered by most traders and investors before checking out other features that come with a trading platform. Because of the high spate of fraudulent activities in the financial market, there is a need to scrutinize a trading platform based on the security level it offers before deciding to do business with them. 

Pibexa.com claims to have put stringent measures in place to protect traders’ funds and their data. Most people are skeptical of providing their card payment details on a platform that they are not so sure about its level of security. However, Pibexa.com has stated that the security of funds and data is guaranteed due to the measures put in place to achieve that. The broker makes use of advanced SSL security features to secure all data entered into the platform. The use of high-tech data encryption tools is incorporated to encrypt all data in the platform and make them meaningless peradventure they get into the wrong hands. 

The Pibexa trading platform has stated its resolves to nib the money launderers' activities in the bud by initiating the Anti-money laundering policy. The policy is aimed at curtailing the activities of fraudsters who may want to infiltrate the platform and defraud unsuspecting traders. To ensure the successful implementation of the AML policy, the broker ensures that withdrawals are made from the system into an account that matches the account provided during registration. Traders may not be allowed to transfer money to a separate bank account that was not registered. 

Your account name on the platform must tally with the bank account you are requesting for your funds to be transferred into. Another critical security measure enforced by the broker to weed out fraudsters is the Know Your Customer Initiative. The KYC initiative ensures that traders have to submit relevant documents as proof of their ownership of the details provided during registration. You may be asked to provide some relevant documents, such as a national ID card or an authentic means of identification. The Pibexa’s team of experts may verify your documents to ensure that they are valid. Email verification is also used to prevent robots from gaining access to the platform. 

Multiple trading accounts 

Pibexa.com offers traders multiple trading accounts. 

In a bid to accommodate a larger trading capacity, the broker has created several dynamic trading accounts to allow a different category of traders to use it. Every trader or investor has a specific need or objective while trading. Some love to risk it all by investing big, while others may be comfortable with minimal capital just to be safe. Whichever category you may belong to, you may find a Pibexa trading account that may suit your trading preference. 

The broker offers four different accounts based on the trader’s level of experience or financial strength. The four Pibexa accounts include the following: 

· The Silver Account 

The silver account is the most basic account that a trader may operate on the trading platform; it is suitable for those who are just starting ut their trade in the forex market. Opening a silver account on Pibexa.com requires low capital, which makes it less risky for inexperienced traders. It may be an excellent step to start your trading career and build your portfolio as a trader. 

To open a silver account, a trader may have to invest a minimum of $250 in their account while they can deposit as much as $999. Though this account may be the least account available on the platform, silver account holders may be able to have access to ebooks and resource material to help them understand how the Forex market operates. 

· The Gold Account 

The Gold account is the second category of Pibexa account that you can operate as a trader on the platform. Gold account holders may be individuals who have some knowledge about forex trading. The features available to holders of Gold accounts are designed to assist somewhat experienced traders in optimizing their trade. Several benefits come with operating a Gold account on the platform, and they include access to an account manager and academy eBooks. 

Having an account manager is an essential feature because account managers are individuals who are experienced in forex trading. They know how the market operates and may guide you in your trade. The minimum amount you can use to open a Gold account is $1000, while you may be able to invest as much as $4,999 as your trade margin. 

· Platinum account 

The Pibexa platinum account is the third account tier after the Gold account. The platinum account is designed for professional traders who are well vast in the forex market. They have a considerably higher level of experience than Gold account holders. The platinum account comes with features such as trading signals, senior account manager, eBooks, Academy and a plethora of trading tools. 

These trading tools include expert analysis of trading sessions, no withdrawal fee, etc. you may also have up to 100% bonus of your account balance, and your account may attract interest. The minimum investment capital for a platinum account is $5000, while the maximum deposit is $34,999. 

· Diamond Account 

The Diamond account is regarded as the Prime account available on the Pibexa trading platform. It is an account that is suitable for expert traders who have several years of forex trading experience. The features contained in this account are numerous and far more outstanding than the other three account types. Diamond account owners on the Pibexa trading platform have access to premium contract options, a 100% account balance bonus, senior account managers, international MasterCard for easy funds withdrawal, interest-bearing account and expert analysis during trading sessions. The least amount that you can deposit when operating a Diamond account on the Pibexa trading platform is $35,000 with a limitless maximum deposit amount. You may also have access to a full educational package and no withdrawal fee. 

· Educational Resources 

Pibexa offers traders with several educational packages that are designed to educate traders on the best trading strategies they can use in carrying out trading activities on Forex. There are a variety of eBooks, academia and other resource materials that covers a wide range of topics that are beneficial to both new and experienced traders. 

Final Thoughts 

Pibexa.com is a trading platform that you may trust to trade on Forex. It is a mono asset trading platform that specializes only in forex trading. The broker offers traders a variety of features that you can explore by registering on the platform. We, however, advise that you do not trade with funds that you can't afford to lose due to the risk involved in trading.