4XFX Review - Recommended Forex Broker

When you are looking to be in the trading world, the first thing you need to have is an account with the broker of your choice. But, we can find a new broker every day, which is the reason why you need to keep in touch with the new things that are coming out. The 4XFX broker is one of them. Now, we will give you a 4XFX review.

It is a new broker that opened in March 2018.

The 4XFX platform is very simple and easy to use; the web based trading software is basic to make the 4XFX trading simpler.

The 4XFX broker gives you free access to the global financial market through MetaTrader4 and through a mobile app.

4XFX leverage

It has a high leverage. Both of the levels that you can find in this broker are appropriate for most 4XFX trading styles.

Abundance of markets

If you are trading in 4XFX, you can trade much more than in the major Forex pairs.

Payment Methods

In this 4XFX review, it is necessary to talk about the payment methods that the 4XFX broker offers.

Just like most brokers, the 4XFX broker accepts Bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, and more than 20 digital methods that you can use. Not all the methods are specified, you need to ask to the customer support to get more details.

Some of the accounts require Bitcoin deposit, which means that blockchain transfers are supported.

4XFX accounts

In this broker, you can find 4 types of accounts for you to choose.

Starter: this account is mostly used for beginners in the 4XFX trading world; it needs a minimum deposit of $250. The maximum leverage is 1:100. And it counts with a fixed spread of 3 pips.

Silver: starting from this account, the minimum deposit will be with Bitcoins. This one needs a minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC. The Maximum leverage is of 1:100. And the spreads are low.

Gold: the minimum deposit is for 1 BTC and the maximum leverage is 1:200.

Platinum: this is the most expensive one; the minimum deposit is for 10 BTC and the maximum leverage is the same as the Gold account, 1:200. The spreads in this one are floating and low.

Avantages of the 4XFX broker

As everything, this broker has some details to fix but all in all we found many advantages to choosing 4XFX as your trusted broker.

- 4XFX is regulated by the Estonian financial regulator.

- The spreads are stated very clearly; they offer a large range of markets, the 4XFX broker describes them clearly and they give you a detailed description of the low spreads. 

You can read other 4XFX reviews and you are going to find in detail much information about their low spreads.

- Good minimum deposit: to be a minimum deposit, it’s one of the lowest in the market and the other accounts require BTC which current price is low.

The 4XFX broker is a good market with different types of accounts and a simple platform to trade that has two important advantages over others which is the f act that they have regulation and giving traders the option to trade cryptocurrency.

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