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If you are a wealthy individual or run a family business, one question must have crossed your mind at some point in time – How to make the best use of extra money? There are multiple types of asset management vehicles available in the market that can preserve if not grow your wealth in the long run. One of the most effective ways to increase your cash with a relatively short amount of time is to trade in financial assets. These could be cryptocurrencies, stocks, or foreign exchange. 

Learn Options Trading - The Long Straddle

The straddle is an interesting options trading strategy as it is one where we have no idea on the future direction of the market, but feel sure that it will move significantly in one way or the other. The key word here is significant as the success of the trade depends on a major move in the underlying asset, which in this case would be the equity option. The trade itself is a net debit trade, since, as you will see we are buying two options simultaneously, which involves a net debit, rather than a credit as in other option trades. 

Forex Trading - How It Works

For many people traveling internationally, the first concern is about getting their currency exchanged when they land on the foreign ground. This is the very reason why you see so many foreign exchange currency providers on airports all over the world. The usual trade of $100 can earn these money exchangers a couple of bucks. Now think of this on a larger scale, a company that is headquartered in the United States and has branch operations in Europe. Such a company would need to exchange hundreds of thousands of USD to EURO every month. There could be many reasons for this trade including paying their foreign staff or managing their monthly administration budget. 

ITM Trading - Investment Strategies for Investing in Gold and Silver

ITM Trading

Both gold and silver are believed to be good investments in a struggling economy since precious metals act as a hedge against inflation – as inflation rises, gold and silver values increase. However, most experts in the past have considered gold to be the better, more stable investment. 

A Contrarian Strategy Call on India's Rupee

Is the currency a buy at this point?

My bearishness on the Indian rupee in successive columns has been vindicated with a vengeance in 2018. The Indian rupee has fallen to 70.90 as I write, even though the US dollar was soft last week on President Donald Trump's political/legal woes and signals from Fed chairman Jerome Powell that he did not think the US economy was "overheating" at the Kansas City Fed's Jackson Hole symposium. I had expected the rupee to fall to 70 by year-end but the Turkish lira crisis and concerns about the BJP's prospects in the general election, naked "welfare" handouts for the rural poor, the deterioration in the fiscal and current account deficit and exodus of offshore capital flows from Dalal Street amplified the angst on the rupee.