FinexArena Scam? Is This Broker Legit or Not - Here is What We Found Out!

Trading financial assets is a whole universe of mind-blowing opportunities because within this universe of trading financial assets are numerous ways by which people from across the globe have made a good fortune for themselves. The prospects of profits while trading financial assets are numerous and would take quite a long list to exhaust. Assets contained within the financial assets market include but are not exclusive to the following: 

· Forex Assets: This involves trading by buying a particular currency when its price depreciates, and selling it off when it rises in value 

· CFD (Contract For Difference) Assets: This involves a bilateral system of trading, in which a trader can profit either from a currency losing value or gaining the same, depending on the investor’s trade choices 

· Cryptocurrency: This is the virtual form of currency. Opportunities embedded in crypto assets alone are so numerous it would take a very long time to talk about. The cryptocurrency was created to withstand the very things that dwindle the value of all other forms of currency, and so its value scarcely depreciates. 

There are many other financial assets, but these are the most common of all. 

Investing in financial assets like any other class of assets require some level of diligence, this diligence will help the trader to make the right trade decisions as well as swim in unimaginable profits. 

Anyone interested in trading financial assets needs a platform through which all his asset trade will be performed. Such a platform is called an investment brokerage platform. There are tons of investment brokers out there, and like in a place where there are many things, there are bad ones as well as there are good options. 

As an investor or trader in the financial market, you must be able to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones, if not; your investments would crash like the volatility of financial assets themselves. 

If you are one of those interested in trading financial assets and have no idea of where to start, you are precisely in the right place to get informed. Follow along as we review one of the assets trade brokers available in the market, FinexArena. This review will help you decide if this broker’s platform is the best fit for you. 

FinexArena is one of the many assets trade brokers available in the market, and here is a review of its features and services. 

Trading platform
Mt4 web-based trader,
Mobile applications: iPhone trader, IPad trader, Android trader
Account types
Demo Account, Live Account
Trading Account Options
Silver Account, Gold Account, Platinum Account, and Diamond Account
Assets coverage
Forex, CFD (Contract For Difference), and Cryptos
Trading tools
Overnight swaps, Currency converter, Profit calculators, holiday calendar, dividend calendar, advanced currency converter,  daily highs and lows, position calculator, and margin requirements
Deposit options
Wire transfer, VISA card, MasterCard, and Bitcoin
Education and Training
Language Options
English, and German
Customer Service
Email, Telephone, and a contact form ( 24 hours a day, 5 days a week)
Wire transfer, VISA card, MasterCard, and Bitcoin
From 1:1 to 1:1000

FinexArena is a dynamic online foreign exchange broker that offers the best of trading experiences to its clients. The FinexArena platform is a very innovative one as it uses state of the art technological innovations to ensure its clients get the best of their trading experiences, its platform offers the most competitive trading conditions available in the Forex and the CFD market to its clients. 

Account opening is quite easy on the FinexArena platform, and there is a range of trading account options available on its platform. The FinexArena platform provides a demo account with which traders can practice and perfect the art of their trading before going on to trade with real stakes on a live account. Likewise, clients of the broker have multiple choice of trading accounts. 

Assets covered on the FinexArena platform are majorly Forex and CFD assets, as well as cryptos. The platform provides CFD on commodities, indices and shares. Forex alone contains an infinite number of ways by which a trader can profit from the financial assets trade market; this is because Forex covers many of the hard forms of currency available in the world today, and because of the volatility of the financial assets market, money drops and rises in value with a lot of conditions, this alone is a sole factor as to why Forex trading will continue to be a profitable form of asset trade. The CFD provision on the FinexArena platform just makes the platform full of profitable opportunities. 

FinexArena has an MT4 web-based trading platform as well as different forms of mobile trading applications that apply to almost all forms of mobile devices available (iPhone, iPad, Android). The platform of this broker promises a very fast trade execution, deep liquidity as well as automated profit withdrawals to its clients. These are the dearest needs of an investment broker, and they are all available on the FinexArena platform. The responsive, user-friendly and interactive MT4 trading platform is one of the most significant trading platforms in the financial trading market and allows users to enjoy all the trading tools and instruments that can ensure a pleasant trading experience. 

The customer service support available on the FinexArena platform is top-notch as its agents are available to attend to the queries of clients round the clock for five days a week. Clients of the company can rest assured that whatever query or question they might have, the customer support team of the broker is well informed and capable to handle and proffer timely solutions. 

The tools available to help the trader make the most of his/her trading experience on the FinexArena platform are many and they are essential tools to ensure the success of a trader’s trading experience. FinexArena offers several trading tools and instruments of trade to its numerous clients. 

In terms of security of funds and assets of its customers, the broker employs the safest security measures to protect the interest, assets, trades, and accounts, and investments of its traders from time to time. In addition, there is a provision for the Know Your Customers (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international security measure, which requires the broker to verify the identity and accounts of its clients. 


Demo And Live Account Options 

Available on this asset trading platform are two basic types of accounts; the demo account and the live account. 

The Demo account like the name implies is a kind of demonstration or virtual account. On this account, the trader gets access to all the features available on the trading platform of the broker, and the trader can execute trades and make profits or losses depending on his/her trade decisions. The most significant feature of a demo account is that it is not a real account, though it has all the features of a real account, the stakes on such trades are not real, and so although the trader is exposed to the real trading environment and can execute trades as though the account were real, the profits from such trades cannot be withdrawn. The profits made on the demo account can only be used to make more Demo trades. This kind of account is especially good for practising and getting accustomed to the trading environment for newbies of the assets trading world. Besides, expert traders can use the demo account to try out new trading techniques, or a new form of complex trade before actually executing the trade in the live account. 

The live account is the second form of account option available on the FinexArena platform. On the live trading account, the trader can access all the features of the trade broker’s platform just like in the demo account. The only difference between a demo and a live account is that the stakes in the live account are real, and so profit or loss is real. The trader can withdraw or make more trades with the profit made from live trade executions. 

The availability of these two basic forms of account on the FinexArena makes its platform suitable for just anyone no matter the level of experience in the assets trading world. The possibilities are just endless, this is because even if a very complex form of trade comes up, the trader could just execute the trade on his/her demo account before actually executing the trade with the live account. 

Four Unique Live Account Levels 

Available on the FinexArena platform are four unique account levels, these account levels are provided to cater to the investment needs of all classes of investment brokers from the very low capital investors to the very heavy investors. 

The accounts available on the FinexArena platform in order of hierarchy are: 

The Silver Account: This is the first and lowest trading account on this broker’s platform. The minimum investment on this trading account is $250, with a maximum investment of $50,000. There is limited availability of trading signals and a free consultation with an account manager. This account also comes with a 20 percent bonus and other benefits of being a client of the broker. 

The Gold Account: This is the second trading account with a minimum investment of $100,000. Holders of this trading account have access to an executive account manager and up to five one-on-one sessions with a market analyst. The gold account has a 50 percent bonus and interest withdrawals. 

The Platinum Account: The platinum account is for experienced traders as it has a minimum investment of $250,000. Traders on this account have access to full trading signals. There is also a proviso for an executive account manager and an unlimited one-on-one trading session with a market analyst. Traders on this account enjoy a 100 percent bonus on their investment. 

The Diamond Account: This is the highest trading account of Forex Arena and it has a minimum investment of $1,000,000, with full trading signals. Clients on this trading account have access to an executive account manager and an unlimited one-on-one trading session with a market analyst. Traders on this trading account enjoy up to 125 percent bonus, as well as interest withdrawals. 

These account options are available to ensure no one is left out of the opportunity to trade financial assets; this is because the four account levels encircle all the needs of investors of various experience levels. 

You can be sure that FinexArena has something to cover your investment goals and aspirations available on its platform. 

Easy Deposit And Withdrawal Options 

The FinexArena platform has made it very easy for its clients to fund their accounts with a wide range of funding options available on its platform. The funding options available on the FinexArena platform include the Wire transfer option, VISA card deposit option, Master card deposit option, Bitcoin deposit option. 

Withdrawal also follows the same channels as deposits on the FinexArena platform (Wire transfer withdrawal option, VISA card withdrawal option, MasterCard withdrawal option, Bitcoin withdrawal option). Withdrawals are received in the clients’ accounts one (1) to fifteen (15) days from when the request is sent, this variety is dependent on some factors such as contract term, clients’ bank et cetera. 

Excellent Trade Security 

One of the most important features to look out for in any investment broker’s platform is its security provision, this is because any broker who does not go the extra mile to secure its platform is susceptible to infiltration by dubious activities, and this can put all of the investor’s money in jeopardy. 

The security provisions on the FinexArena platform are put in place to help the trader completely focus on his/her trade executions without having to bother about the security of his/her funds. The most significant security provision on the FinexArena platform is that there is an automated system of profits withdrawal. This system was put in place to help the trader withdraw profits automatically to an account out of the reach of the FinexArena platform. This is so that, peradventure the broker’s platform is infiltrated, the investor’s funds are still safely and securely kept in another account to which the investor has access. 

The FinexArena platform is safe for trade executions and so you can be certain your profits are within the borders of safekeeping on the FinexArena platform. 

Exceptional Trade And Educational Resources 

The design of the FinexArena platform put in place a very effective support system to help its clients make the best of trading on its platform. The support system on the FinexArena platform includes a wide range of cutting edge trading tools as well as exceptional educational resources. 

The trade market analysis tools available on an investment broker’s platform also tell a lot about the experience of the people who set the platform up, in this case, the FinexArena platform has many advanced trading tools which have been proven to improve trade performance. Trade tools available on the FinexArena platform are Overnight swaps, Currency, Converter as well as Profit calculators. 

Education is another strong system by which FinexArena supports its clients. The broker has a unique platform that offers a wide range of educational resources to help its traders make the best of their trading experience in the market. The FinexArena platform has an educational resources center which it has made available for its clients to learn from the basics of the assets trading to its complexities, irrespective of their trading experience – newbies and professionals. 

Web-Based As Well As Mobile Trading Platforms 

The FinexArena platform makes trading possible on its web-based platform as well as mobile applications that apply to various classes of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). The availability of these trading platforms is to ensure the close proximity of the trading platform to the investor, so the investor can keep up with all the ongoing trends in the assets trade market. 

Round-The-Clock Customer Service 

Feedback is a very effective way of determining a reliable investment broker. Many effective investment brokers use the feedback from their clients to optimize their platforms for the best possible customer experience, and so they encourage feedback. 

The FinexArena platform is not left out in this culture. Its platform provides a twenty-four (24) hours daily customer service support for five days a week. 

Telephone, email or a query form available on its web platform are options one can use to reach the customer service agents of the FinexArena trading platform. 

Dual Language Options 

The FinexArena platform has two (2) language options. These two language options are the English language and German language. 

The two languages available on the FinexArena platform cover a wide expanse of the regions of Europe, Australia and Africa, and so it means the FinexArena platform is easily accessible for a clientele across all English and German-speaking regions of the world. 

Final Thought 

In conclusion, there are numerous investment brokers available in the assets trading market today, but the FinexArena platform is one exceptional broker among all those available. It would be a wise decision to commit your funds to this broker’s platform.