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Automated Vs. Manual

Automated Vs. Manual Forex Signals – Which Is Better?

So, you’ve finally decided to make the jump and have realized the benefits of forex trading signals. Now it’s time to determine whether you need manual or automated trading signals. 

Automated and manual trading signals each come with their own positives and negatives. The type of signal service you choose will depend on your own circumstances, such as account size, leverage, investment approach, and the amount of time you have traded in the market. 

Here’s our analysis of the advantages and disadvantages that come with using both manual and automated trading signals. 

Automated Signals 


- Automated trading signals are primarily advantageous simply because as a trader, you don’t need to do much of anything. Automated signal systems are usually compatible with most trading platforms, allowing for a hands-off approach to making pips. This is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy schedule.

- The power of automation ensures that you don’t miss a single trade opportunity. By manually placing your signals, you’re forced to deal with latency and time zone differences, which isn’t the most ideal solution if you’re trying to maximize your profit potential. This isn’t a problem with automation. 


- The main problem with automated trading signals is their very nature: If automated trading solutions really worked most of the time, then most investors who used them would become millionaires. Most automated systems lack consistency due to the fact that they constantly need to adapt to current market conditions, which are always changing. 

- Simply put: Robots and software do not possess the experience, knowledge, or intuition that humans have. Sometimes in trading, you need that gut instinct to make smarter decisions. 

- As mentioned above, it’s incredibly difficult and improbable for a robot to be accurate week by week, month by month. 

Manual Signals


- Manual forex signals benefit from the fact that there is human input in the trade ideas. 

- Because you must manually place your trades, you’re able to control your lot size, take profit, and stop loss levels for each trade, giving you greater control over your money. 

- By controlling what trades you place on your platform, you will undoubtedly have a higher probability of success because you’re limiting your risk by taking only a select number of trades. Humans don’t generate 50+ trade ideas a week, much less per day. 

- Manual signals can be a great learning experience for new traders still learning the ropes of the forex market. 


- You have to take the time to manually place trades into your platform. 

- A win streak can lead to a sense of overconfidence and greedy tendencies. This can lead to emotional trading that negatively impacts your bottom line. 

- Time is another downside. With each signal you receive, you must open the signal, decide if it’s a good trade for your account, open your trading platform, and finally, place the trade. Not everyone has time for this.