RoyalCBank - Everything You Need to Know About This Broker

Royal C Bank

The trading world is one of the most exciting and interesting ones because it can give you huge returns and that too in a short period of time. The popularity of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, has made traders millionaires all over the globe and has fascinated others enough to consider entering the market as well. We are living in a technological world nowadays and this has made it easier than ever for people to begin trading in the market. What do you need? All that is required to start is a broker and they can easily be found online. You can do a simple Google search and it will list all the options. 
Financial Commission Announces Royal C Bank as Latest Approved Member
Financial Commission Announces
Royal C Bank as Latest Approved Member
While you might be tempted to pick the first broker you find, research is recommended because there are various scammers ready to take advantage of newbies and beginners. Once you start researching, you will come across Royal C Bank, which was established by a team of experts who had the goal of making one of the top brokers in the world for making trading easier and launched Royal C Bank. Within a few years, it has had a major impact in the trading world. 

The newness of this broker might discourage some people from opting for this broker, but the fact is that Royal C Bank is making a lot of efforts to ensure it has everything that traders might need in their activities. Any trading who is using this broker is definitely enjoying major rewards because of everything they can access through it. First and foremost, Royal C Bank excels in offering one of the best trading platforms out there.

With Royal C Bank, you can get access to a clean interface and a streamlined trading environment. You will have absolutely no trouble in managing your accounts, organizing your transactions and executing your trades because it runs smoothly. You will not experience any lags and will be able to use the platform easily as it is incredibly user-friendly. Even beginners don’t have to face a learning curve because they are able to navigate the website with ease. Moving on, Royal C Bank offers traders the option of making any one of five accounts. 

You can select an account based on your skill set and comfort level because there is a lot of risk involved in the trading process. The first option is the basic and beginner accounts, which has the lowest minimum deposit requirement of EUR 250-10,000. It is great for beginners as it offers features that can help in simple trading transactions. 10% leverage is available with this account and there is customer support as well. The medium account comes next, which has a minimum deposit requirement of EUR 25,000. You get access to a higher leverage and loyalty bonus and you can also use trading signals and charts for your ease. 

Next is the advanced account, which brings traders the ease of using account managers, higher leverage and a higher deposit requirement of EUR 50,000. You can also access the education center for taking courses of your choice. The fourth choice is the pro account, which is better suited to experienced traders and has a deposit requirement of EUR 100,000. Webinars are available for the benefit of traders, along with increased number of trading sessions and market charts. Last, there is the VIP account FOR EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS ONLY. Exclusive updates are available via this account and professional traders can benefit from 50% leverage and the same loyalty bonus. No matter what account traders choose to sign up for, Royal C Bank has also made it simple for them to fund it. Debit and credit cards can be used, which include popular ones such as Visa and MasterCard. 

You can get funds into your account immediately, but the payout may take as long as a week. Another option of adding funds is through wire transfers, but they also take a couple of days to be processed. This is mostly because confirmation is a requirement for the transaction to be completed. The same methods can be used when you wish to withdraw money from your account on Royal C Bank. The broker doesn’t impose any withdrawal fee on you when you only make one withdrawal in a month. But, any additional withdrawals will involve charges worth €25 for all transactions. However, you should bear in mind that the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is €100. 

Another great perk that traders can enjoy at Royal C Bank is complete security and privacy. Cyber-crimes are on the rise and no trader wants to share their personal and financial information somewhere it can be compromised or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Therefore, this broker has used 256-bit SSL encryption and HTTPS for keep all data secure and safe. As far as funds are concerned, the broker has taken precautions to ensure that funds are kept separately from corporate funds to avoid mix ups. 

Customer service is also another aspect where Royal C Bank has made a lot of efforts because it is aware how important it is to satisfy your clients. Therefore, you can reach out to their team of experts 24/5 and do it in a number of ways. Traders can reach out to them via email, Skype, live chat and online contact form. Their customer support team is responsive and friendly and ready to solve any issues you may have. There is also a referral program on Royal C Bank that allows you to earn extra income without doing anything. Your referrals’ deposits earn you 10% commission and their referrals earn you 3% and this is a huge perk for you. 

Suffice it to say, Royal C Bank has taken care of every element and traders can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, indices and others without hassles.