How To Buy Bitcoin: Different Ways To Purchase Bitcoin Safely

Bitcoin was created in 2009 with the purpose of creating a digital currency that wasn’t going to have to rely on any bank to survive. Now that Bitcoins have gained huge value, there is no way to deny that there are here to stay. Now Bitcoin has gone from simply being some digital exchange currency that is completely anonymous to becoming a perfect example of a god investment opportunity. This is the reason why we are going to give you some important tips to help you purchase Bitcoin safely and without hassles.

Purchase Bitcoin Safely

Ok, by now you know that Bitcoins are not ruled by any government or financial entity. They are also the safest and most secure payment method that you could ever find. These are the reasons why so many people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, but there was a time when you couldn’t get cryptocurrencies without going to through certain payment method hassles.

Now you can safely purchase Bitcoins with your credit card. This means that major credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa are accepting this kind of transaction and some places are also allowing people to purchase with Paypal. This is really expanding the available options and that is the kind of thing that is making this process very easy.

How To Buy Bitcoins safely

There are many countries that allow the purchase of cryptocurrency from person to person too. First of all, when you use a credit card for this purpose, there will be a record of your transaction, so this is something that ads a good layer of safety to the process without a doubt. The reason why we mention this is that even though this record makes it safer, it also takes away the process of purchasing these coins with older methods that help you remain in anonymity. 

You can also buy Bitcoins with a credit card through an exchange service and this is perhaps the easiest way because you only have the requirement of registering and making the conversions from your coin to Bitcoin. There are many platforms or exchange services. A couple of the most popular are CoinBase and LocalBitcoins. CoinBase is probably the most popular due to how good their service has been and their track record of an honest service, but there are also plenty of other platforms available that are worth checking out.

You can also use the ATM systems for this type of coins. The process is to exchange currencies and you get something that is similar to the process of going to a bank. These ATM’s are not available all over the world as of now, so the most viable thing to do right now is definitely to use credit cards, at least for the majority of people. 

The good news is that this has now become a very safe way to do things and there are many individuals who are getting amazing results from this particular process to purchase their coins.

Monero Is In The Rise Phase

Cryptocurrency started its journey as Bitcoin in 2008 (learn more about cryptocurrency at, and became famous for every business within one decade. Especially in the recent two years, it is booming in all areas as it is proving to make transaction safe and secure. When bitcoin was accepted in the market, its price increased and looking at the other coins started coming inside. One such private currency is the Monero.

Difference Between Private and Public Coin

Before understanding about Monero, you must know the difference between bitcoin and Monero. Bitcoin is a public coin, and the privacy is not foolproof. Unlike a private currency is tamper-free and offers excellent security feature that allows an individual and safe transaction. Now you must know why Monero is gaining importance in the cryptocurrency arena.

How Does Monero Offers Security?

The new coin when introduced understood the need for privacy that bitcoin failed to offer and it was a transparent transaction. Every blockchain user can access details of others. 

Monero deployed methods like i2P and TOR to provide additional protection to the users that can hide the information about all to all. The security offered is taken care, and various levels or layers and hence they claim to have been successful in providing untraceable transaction. 

Monero’s Specialty

It is a crowdfunded and an open source project born as Bitmonero. Later, it became popular in the name of Monero. 

It trades for about $404 in Dec 2017 from $14 when it was checked last in Jan 2017. Within a year and less, it has grown close to 3000% with a market cap of 6.2 Billion. 

It has happened because of the privacy it offered to the users. Also, customers have complete control of the currency. Further, the fungility made it accessible. It means one can interchange their goods and assets of similar type with Monero currency.

If you should understand the concept of fungility, naturally you’re allowed to exchange anything for Monero and not necessarily a digital currency. Therefore, users have the flexibility of giving away what they feel is not relevant to a tainted coin and much in exchange for Monero coins.

Benefits Offered By Monero

Monero can become an edge in the Cryptocurrency business based on all the unique features it has introduced to the users. 

It allows business to grow by preventing any data trace and hence manipulations are no longer possible. In other words, every single winning must happen only by using the skills and not by copying others work. 

Firms cannot trace user transaction, and hence people are free from the fear of others getting to know what and how much they spent. This privacy is mandatory as people have rights to spend their money without letting others know.

The tainted coin exchange has offered a great sign of relief for the purchasers as they have a place to get them exchanged and no longer worry about that when carrying out any transaction.


Thus, Monero has made every single effort to stand in the Cryptocurrency based market, and it has won by leaps and bounds.

How to Read and Understand Forex Trading Signals

Any beginning trader who decides to try their hand at forex trading will quickly realize the benefits that come with using any and every tool available. As tools, they should help move you forward as a trader by helping you to understand and build your own strategy. Creating and testing your own strategy will undoubtedly help you in the long run. 

As something that can dramatically elevate your trading game to the next level, forex trading signals are something beginners cannot afford to ignore. 

In short, fore trading signals are pieces of information electronically delivered via email, text message, social media, or through a dashboard. This data directly relates to the forex market, and acts as a great way to find profitable trading opportunities you would have otherwise not discovered. 

Trading Signal Formats

Forex trading signals are generated and delivered by the forex signal provider. While some signal providers offer an automated feature that allows their trade ideas to replicate on the subscriber’s platform, most services require you to manually place the trade onto your own platform. Both manual and automated signals have their own advantages and disadvantages, and what you end up using will depend on your own personal goals as a trader. 

Common Types of Forex Signals

There’s various types of forex trading signals out there. It’s important to understand what each signal type is and how it works to avoid mistakes. Here are the most common signal terms you need to know in order to make forex signals a profitable investment. 

- Action: This signal term is basically a call to action telling you do something specific, such as place a direct buy or sell order. 

- Stop Loss: Your stop loss is your exit point. Stop losses protect you from losing more money than your strategy, or in this case the signal provider’s strategy, can afford to lose. 

- Take Profit: Your take profit level is a price point that, when touched by the market price, closes your trade order and saves your profits. 

- Current Market Price: The term Current Market Price is used by signal providers to indicate the price level they’re placing an order at. This price will probably be different than the price you see on your own charts because of the time delay.